Learn More About Genealogy & Research Your Family’s History

Genealogy opens up a whole world to people when they start digging. In this country, we are often talking about immigration in terms of the 21st century but consider the fact that the constitution was written in 1787. That was quite a long time ago, yes, but speaking in terms of generations, you don’t have to go back too far before you realize where your ancestors really came from. Many people have more storied pasts than they even know.

Everyone in this country has ancestors that are from other countries. Some people’s genealogies take them to other countries before going back too many generations, but it doesn’t take that long for anyone. I’ll use my life as an example. On my mom’s side, her mom’s dad immigrated in the early 1900’s from Germany. I’m not sure about my mom’s dad’s parents and how far that line goes back without immigration.

Yet when you switch to my dad’s side, immigration for his dad’s parents happened around the same time. His dad’s family is from Poland, and his mom’s family is from England. I believe my mom’s dad’s family has Irish ancestry, but remember, that is the part I’m not quite sure about. I would have to look more closely at the genealogical history of my family.

My mom’s mom’s dad’s last name was Schubert, which is, of course, a German surname. Back in the day, you had to study genealogy by going to the library. You can still do that today, and it can be quite fun. In fact, a new library I visited recently had a really nice state-of-the-art genealogy room. Technology has changed these days and continues to change, so you have a lot more resources when studying your family’s history.

Back in the day, it was all about books and newspapers. These days, you can even send off a DNA sample to companies to get your genealogical history. Can you imagine how cool that would be? There are commercials on television about people who have done just that and have discovered much about their past. How accurate would a DNA test be, and how much does the database really know?

DNA is, of course, the most accurate, but in terms of records, it does really make you wonder if the commercials are telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Use our ancestry DNA Coupon to get a discounted membership. It would certainly be interesting to find out. It makes you wonder if everyone who takes part in those types of genealogical tests gets all the information they want. Even if you don’t find out everything, it sure beats checking newspapers and old books, right?